Monday, November 9, 2009


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Thursday, April 30, 2009


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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Introducing iBog Jewelry!

Here's your sneak peek at the January's MADwrap Collectible beads!KEEP AN EYE OUT!
MADwraps ISE Originals by Jodi and Jordin Sparks
has chosen iBog Jewelry to create the charm that signifies January's MADwrap Collectible for the month, only 12 available!!! Check back later for more info.!

Inspired and encouraged by my Grandpa and his new wife June (he re-married after my Gma passed away), I decided to try out a new hobbie, and found I loved it! So after practicing and purchasing some product I created another mini business, my other one is Third Day Photography. I love photography and plan to continue in that line of work as well! It's something my Mom and I do together. I began to twist, turn, and get a grasp on how to make a beautiful piece of jewelry, I thought I would start selling my original pieces. Beads are high quality glass, some smaller accent beads may not be glass. I use brass, copper, and sterling silver wire to wrap them in. You can choose from a variety of different collars to hang the pendants on, and can request special designs that I will do my best to create! I will also be adding earings to my collection to go with the pendants.

The businesses name was inspired by Mom, and we worked on the final name together. iBog stands for "Inner Beauty, Outer Glow." The idea of inner beauty being the most important was key in naming the business. Then to finish it off with an outter glow, enhanced by some of my original pieces sounded perfect!

My younger sister Maranda has gotten the bug too. She is now making jewelry just like me, and loves it. She will also be selling her pieces. Look for links to hers soon!

If you are interested in purchasing please email me

God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7b

Pendants and Earings For Sale!

Have one made especially for you or someone you love!

This glass pendant wrapped in copper is one of Mom's faves!

You can now purchase earings.

Marlee's "LOVE" earings are perfect for Valentine's Day!

Beads that look like shells. They are beautiful.


We will need to raise the price for earings with sterling silver ear wires. Please indicate when ordering which ear wires you prefer. The price will also go up if charms are used.

Prices are as follows:
Sterling Silver Wrapped Pendants $15-$20
Copper & Brass Wrapped Pendants $8-$15
Sterling Silver Wrapped Earrings $15-$20
All depending on size and style of beads and wire used
Silver ear wires and charms can increase the price of a pendant or earrings.

Choice of Collars and Care For Your Jewelry!

Collars are silver or gold plated and cost $15 each!
Collars are only plated.
We recommend:
Keeping them in a plastic bag and/or
Using gold or silver cleaners to wipe them down occasionally
They are very good quality and will last you a long time!
View collars above in side panel, or click below.
You can also use jewelry cleaners for the wire.
Dipping in or wiping it down will work fine.
Could use a Q-Tip if you want to just clean the wire.
The copper and brass tend to darken a bit,
and can keep their natural tones by cleaning them.
Please check with jewelers to make sure any cleaner you use will not ruin the stones!!!